Maplewood is a historic neighborhood in the Inglewood area of East Nashville, Tennessee. The neighborhood was named for the well-known Maplewood Farm.

The area was originally part of John Evan’s 1786 land grant, which was later purchased by William William’s in 1805. In 1818, Williams sold the part of his land that was on the west side of what is now Gallatin Pike to his brother, Josiah Williams. It was Josiah Williams who first called the farm Maplewood.

After passing through several hands, the farm was later purchased and expanded in the late 1880’s, by well known Nashville businessman and railroad developer Jere Baxter. He eventually sold the farm for development for a subdivision to the Maplewood Suburban Home Company. By the 1920’s the last piece of the farm and house were sold, thus ending the long history of the great farm. (The current Curdwood Blvd was the driveway to the house.)

For many years, during and after the farm’s existence, the area was called Maplewood, and the name Maplewood could be found side by side with the name Inglewood (which also started out as a subdivision) on many old maps. Eventually, the neighborhood became part of what is currently known as Inglewood.

Today the natural barriers created by the railroad tracks, and 3 major roads keep through traffic to a minimum, resulting in a quiet, walkable neighborhood.

The area served by the Maplewood Neighborhood Association is a geographic area sided by Gallatin Pike on the east, Briley Parkway on the north, the railroad line on the west, and Hart Lane on the south.